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Their language, which is actually supplanting Spanish to a great extent, is still spoken by about 300,000 persons, of whom two-thirds are pure Maya, the remainder being whites and of mixed blood.The Mayan linguistic stock includes some twenty tribes, speaking closely related dialects, and (excepting the Huastec of northern Vera Cruz and south-east San Luis Potosi, Mexico) occupying contiguous territory in Tabasco, Chiapas, and the Yucatan peninsula, a large part of Guatemala, and smaller portion of Honduras and Salvador.Society was organized upon the clan system, with descent in the male line, the chiefs being rather custodians for the tribe than owners, and having no power to alienate the tribal lands. unknown, 12/06:was helpful but not enough info student, 07/06: Thanks alot! Elizabeth, 31/05:oh, also get alot more on their religion, what ceremonies they did, etc. natasha, 22/05:but you could have added a bit on mayan MYTHS ello, 18/05: Hye, u have great info here! I got lots of great info for my big repoart and i am very plzed with it, but i need more info on the gods and socety, cultre, rulers and what they knew then (their knowledge). Game, fish, and the salt marshes were free to all, with a certain portion to the lords. The plebeians were farmers, artisans, or merchants; they paid taxes and military service, and each had his interest in the common land as well as his individual portion, which descended in the family and could not be alienated. david , 01/05: This has good info amanda, 27/04:i like the site but you should get more info on the Mayans Bill, 27/04:need more on food, otherwise ok KB05, 04/'t a bit bigger then others but fine nastassia, 02/02:hey i got a little info. rtaocbhy, 16/01:you need more info on mayan RULERS not GODS!!! in the first paragraph og "mayan government", there is one..the end!

Crimes were punished with death - frequently by throwing over a precipice - enslavement, fines, or rarely, by imprisonment. i want to stay with cody, but will is just as amazing. Also, if he tries 2 look presentable in front of you or uses cologne of some sort then there's a sign. Mike Hawk, 10/02:my nuts itch, you monkey turds chicken , 09/02:is any1 on if you r reply kk . it will help tho if ther was more info but thanx n e ways!!!!!! Helped me find everything with my research paper :] Mayan Studier, 11/11: Great site, Needs info on mayan events and stuff like that but overall nearly best site i visited. x Oo X naya Amanda, 25/10: Wow this is a great site!!! Billi, 27/09: This website helped me on my social studies project.

As many as twenty such states existed on the Yucatan Peninsula, but although a woman has, on rare occasions, ascended to the ruling position, she has never acquired the title of 'mah kina'.

Mayan society: the Mayans were the most important of the cultured native peoples of North America, both in the degree of their civilization and in population and resources, formerly occupying a territory of about 60,000 square miles, including the whole of the peninsula of Yucatan, Southern Mexico, together with the adjacent portion of Northern Guatemala, and still constituting the principal population of the same region outside of the larger cities.

The rulers of towns and villages formed a lower order of nobility, not of royal blood.

The king usually acted on the advice of a council of lords and priests.

The code was merciful, and even murder could sometimes be compounded by a fine. but if you really wanna kno, then talk 2 him and try 2 c if he's choosing his words carefully or if he's trying 2 play himself off as the cats pajamas. to collin im new here i need some advice how do i know a guy likes me George Washington Carver, 08/02: Well Dr. kenneth, but these people do not need to bother with such words as fastigious and factoids, they are only concerned with their everday volcabulary Kenneth Noisewater, 08/02: I must admit, upon my primary encounter with this site my entire physiognomy was stimulated. cool dude, 09/01:u guys need to stop writing bad stuff on this site ppeps get on here and read it kookoo, 08/01:your site does not give good info Reader, 20/12: Cool site thanks a lot! Sierra Holland, 06/12: Thanks this was a "Great" help! ignore the losers below just doing it to wreck a great site bri, 08/11: Asome site, but dont let losers bug you. Bill Nye, 03/11:well I needed to learn some history,cause all I know is science =P student, 03/11:thanks for the webbie. hey guys you rok thnks for the help :) Dunno, 19/10: Thats not you then cause that is what your name is giltso hyswav, 19/10:anyone who posts on here is a hyswav greerio, 17/10:what is 21st of 2012 mit, 17/10:hi how are you doing now ponygurl123, 22/09: Well, I found out about the Mayan Society Pyramid a teensy bit, but I'm going to a different website to find more info. , 26/11: Every person who writes inerpropriate stuff is so Childish! Jerry Douglas, 26/11: You need to put a date on when all these things were either written or added to the website. I would of aced my project on the more info on the way the Mayans could of lived.

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