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Apple Botanical name: Pyrus malus or communis Family: malus/communis Ogham: Quert Scots Gaelic: Crann Ubhall, ubhal-fiadhaich, Cuirt Irish Gaelic: Crann Úll, Aball Welsh: Afallen; pren afalau, Afal French: Pomme Description The Apple tree is the oldest cultivated tree in Europe. 177) Crab Apple The original British apple tree is a Crab Apple - a deciduous tree that flowers in April and May with a distinctive five petal white or pink flower that gives off a wonderful scent similar to honeysuckle.

The tree seldom grows larger than twenty-five feet high.

The healing properties of apples were recognized by traditional healers wherever the tree appeared.

According to Pliny, there were 22 varieties of apple trees world-wide.

These bees and other insects help pollinate the apple trees (Paterson, page 115).

The fruit matures in summer, and is larger than that of a Crab Apple, averaging three and a half inches across.

The apple has a star shaped core that is often used in Druid and Witches rituals as a natural pentagram (Hopman, page 87). Somerset Apples The County of Somerset in Great Britain is long famous for its apples.

Core the apple head and place it on a dowel or stick, letting it dry for three to four weeks.

Form the body with cloth and wire, attaching the dried head. Judeo-Christian Folklore In Judeo-Christian mythology, the apple is the tree of forbidden knowledge, which gave Adam and Eve their knowledge of good and evil.

It has a short trunk and can grow to forty feet high.

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