Dating slingerland snare drums

Heres some more pics They started using that style badge with the serial numbers in 63 till around 69.

To my knowledge,only the Shelbyville badged drums used oak re rings.

The final nail in Slingerland's coffin, was demand by Gibson, that in order to become a Slingerland dealer, music stores also had to carry Gibson guitars.

This was not feasible for the "Mom & Pop" music stores, who simply couldn't afford to carry both lines, given the stratospheric costs.

In 1998, Slingerland released a model based on its Gene Krupa signature drum kit.

Between 19, Radio Kings were reintroduced and remain the premier product for the Slingerland Drum Company.Here are some pics of the features that I used to age this thing.Unfortunatly the tension knob was missing when I got the drum but it is a 3 hole Rapid strainer. My Slingy snare with serial # 234706 Niles brass/black badge is a six lugger. the shell interior appears to be natural unpainted mahogany.Older Radio Kings are obsessively collected by vintage drum enthusiasts.Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich were both Radio King endorsers.The red glass glitter wrap is the darker shade of red which usually means that it is the "reversable" wrap with the dark blue (almost purple) glass glitter on the reverse side. I would like to find a tension knob for it and would also like to know what it's ballpark value is. I've had it for 20 years and have mostly kept it in case except when playing it with my cheap-ass TKO kit.

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