Dating telling her how you feel


I encourage you to read this important blog about How to Respect Yourself.It’s important for you to accept the love your boyfriend/girlfriend is giving you, and not just write it off because you don’t feel you deserve it.Start seeing both yourself and him or her in a more realistic light, with both strengths and weaknesses.This will help your relationship to be more balanced and healthy.

Listen to her reasons with an open mind and ask her for advice.It’s starting to affect our relationship, how do I get over this?” DAWSON: I think there are a couple of issues going on here. Even without knowing him, I can assure you he isn’t.Another question I was asked about dating along the same lines is this: Braden asked: DAWSON: The short answer to your question is no.Most people don’t do things like breaking-up with someone for no reason at all.But the bigger issue is you not feeling good enough for him.

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