Deelishis is dating


Now one would cheer the girl on, well no one outside of our community and no one would find humor in this. We can only speculate what happened between them as Deelishis says they were just friends but why listen to something that honestly makes no damn sense?Dwight Howard was getting ran through the jungle for 2 photos none of which rivaled any of the ones done but this woman and this boy yet e was called all types of pedophiles so how is this woman escaping a watchful eye? For a couple weeks now, rumors have been spreading that Deelishis--formerly of "Flavor of Love" and now getting paid to floss her booty at clubs--got jumped after leaving a strip club in her hometown of Detroit.Some reports falsely made up a story about it being angry strippers who did this damage.He was there with her in the hospital when she was sick.She has visited him at work numerous times, and they have gone on numerous outings.Deelishis and Gordon were married in 2009 but she filed for divorce in 2012, after he was indicted on federal drug trafficking charges.

During the investigation, Gordon was busted with over 0,000 cash, marijuana and firearms.Reportedly, he burst through the door of her home in a suburb outside of Detroit and hit her in the face.He chased her into the bedroom where she jumped out a two-story Seriously though, thats exactly what I would be doing but thats not the point! See, the other day she posted a picture of her attending a High School Prom with a young man.The point is, why would anyone of her age want someone of his age? We thought it was innocent, but the #ROOMMATES don’t play chileee!Their daughters have played together, and the time stamp on the pictures shows that they were hanging out weekly.

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