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DND Mode - Pause the Chat Head Service temporary and stop receiving its notification.Blacklist Apps - Disable Chat Heads to pop up on certain apps Blocked Users - Disable Chat Heads to pop up from certain users.Direct Chat allows you to create Chat Heads for any app or messenger.It manages all your conversation in one place to help you to have a convenient conversation without interrupting your current task such that you can read and reply to all messages without ever coming online.

To realize their vision, they forged business foundations from the character and community that distinguish the Gulf South.Multi Window/Multi Tasking - Chat over the top of any window!Clean Arrangement - New Chat Heads will appear on top of each other in the form of stack and won't clutter your window.File Hierarchy of the Source Code Package Admin LTE/ ├── dist/ │ ├── CSS/ │ ├── JS │ ├── img ├── build/ │ ├── less/ │ │ ├── Admin LTE's Less files │ └── Bootstrap-less/ (Only for reference. Choose the skin file that you want and then add the appropriate class to the body tag to change the template's appearance.No modifications have been made) │ ├── mixins/ │ ├── │ ├── └── plugins/ ├── All the customized plugins CSS and JS files Note: you cannot use both layout-boxed and fixed at the same time. Here is the list of available skins: The main header contains the logo and navbar.Admin LTE is based on a modular design, which allows it to be easily customized and built upon.

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