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In July, the married father-of-two was fined £7,000 by magistrates after falsely advertising the Beverley Guest House as a four star location - despite bloodstains on the walls, mouse droppings in beds and mud in the fridge.The bed and breakfast has received some 295 Trip Advisor reviews - 198 of which rate the guest house as 'terrible'.'I try my best to make it an entertaining experience,' he said. I try my hardest but I drink a lot in the evenings.I never drink during the day.' Visitors to the guest house don't always share Mr Dixon Hart's views of its quality.She said 'John's got very strong views and I'm laid back and easy going so it caused a problem.'He lives here but I have my own home a few miles away.

She was dressed in robes, men's clothing, and I walked up to the alter and asked her to get down.

It's much better when I don't see him all the time because he can drive others insane with his opinions.'But we have a good working relationship and get on for the sake of our two kids.

He was a good husband, he did his best or at least tried to.' Mrs Hart said the offensive front door slogan shouldn't be taken seriously. Mr Hart previously branded women 'airheads' who should not be allowed to vote.

He told how his second wife - mother of his two youngest sons aged one and three - could no longer tolerate him.

He said: 'It's a combination of my Victorian attitude, my annoyance at her two teenage step children being so lazy and my drinking.' But despite his beliefs and anti-social behaviour the B&B boss - likened to Basil Fawlty - said that his estranged wife still worked for him as a housekeeper and chambermaid.

I can't imagine what it's like staying there.'A man who passed by was shocked, saying: 'I think it's appalling.

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