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Inclov app is available on both the android and i OS platforms and intends to reach out to more than 100 million people with disabilities across.Inclov, dating app for disabled people, is easy to use and is accessible for all.Things have started to change for the disabled community with the launch of the Inclov mobile application. Inclov is a popular dating app for disabled people in India.Inclov is the world’s first inclusive matchmaking app designed to help people with disabilities find love and the life partner of their choice.

Inclov is a very good app for people with disability as I saw many profiles with disability information.

Inclov mobile matchmaking app is available on both the android and i OS platforms and will soon have a web version, thus ensuring that handicapped people looking for love, dating, life partner can easily find their partners.

Inclov has a stringent security feature which does not allow screenshots to be taken and you cannot exchange images on the app also.

It is an equal access platform for anyone looking for a life partner.

It is an inclusive app and hence, people without disability are also quite active on the app.

This dating app helps in finding friends of your type. I have muscular dystrophy and I have found so many similar people like me.

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