Does thermoluminescence dating mean


An example is shown in of the spread in doses measured in a dose survey.

Note that nuclear medicine patients are effectively radiation sources, and guidance should be given regarding this aspect when they leave the hospital, particularly with respect to air travel and airport surveillance systems, which they may activate.The back scatter factor is in the range of 1.25–1.5, depending on beam area and k V.However, the accuracy of the calculation is critically dependent on the focus to skin distance, which is not generally recorded. Shelkoplyas, and for over a decade their TL dates, obtained from a variety of sediments, have appeared in the Soviet literature.We conclude that while TL dating has the potential to solve many sedimentary problems, more fundamental research needs to be carried out before such dates should be accepted.DRLs are generally set taking account of the results of dose audits and require an investigation to be made if the DRL is consistently exceeded.

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