Domme text chat

You are my pet, my little fuck cunt your Master told me."He had her crawl around. He had her drink out of a cat bowl and eat food out of a dish."Your Master told me you were a good fuck, now let's see."He put her in a rope get up and soon she was dangling, tied up and he was fucking her. She now had to seduce someone and be a mixture of domme and sub. Her hair was a mess from being fucked in her earlier sessions. He looked a little shocked but he nodded his head yes. Soon she heard a leash click on her collar."On all fours. He can do whatever he wants to you and so can you."Oh God. She headed for the park, looking very much like a hooker in her short black dress and heels. " Oh God, she could have said it differently, but that is how it came out. She surprised him when she took out a dildo and shoved it up his ass. She was about to do more when her phone beeped again. She hadn't even thought about her Master watching her."You are a total cock slut through and through. You're mine and don't you forget that.""Yes Master. "Now strip."She was just going to do things her Master had done to her. This was pleasurable and she knew she could cum all she wanted to in this session. She made him lick her shoes before allowing him to fuck her. She tied his arms to the bed, him on his stomach and plunged the dildo in and out. I loved hearing your ear shattering scream."She blushed.No more gender lies, see the person you are chatting with right in front of your very own eyes.Try it out now for free and have great time chatting with us and see you in there!

This is both optional and voluntary but the benefits are that you have an icon displayed next to your name denoting you as female.

She adored her Master and would do anything for him.

Being 'abandoned' for weeks, and her being a slut, she needed to cum, even though her Master forbade her to without permission. You are not supposed to be touching yourself at all.

Unfortunately as so many people have done this most chatters find it hard to believe that chatters are real females based solely upon their word or on pictures that can be downloaded from virtually anywhere..

This icon next to a nickname means that the individual has been verified as a genuine female at the time of verification by either a chat moderator or administrator.

He escorted her to the door and she got dressed, her phone ringing with a text."Ok little slut.

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