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“It was an intense situation, but obviously I’m still with him, so it worked out,” says Marter while sitting on the steps of Woodrow Wilson Hall at Monmouth University one recent afternoon.

Marter, born and raised in a small New Jersey town called Delran, quickly adapted to having cameras filming her every move in Sin City while on the show.

Just having a conversation with another roommate, I had to think about what to say.” And the roommates especially had to think about what to say when it came to them butting heads and not getting along with each other.

“We all really were friends, on different levels of course,” says the all-around nice guy of the house, Michael Ross.

This caused her to become more flexible and strong.” Marter also matured and became independent, which she credits with helping her deal with difficult situations on “The Real World.” “I was with a lot of family members and bounced around to different houses and schools,” says Marter.

“My parents gave us everything they could because we almost lost my brother.

“I had the most trouble getting used to them, ” says Marter.

“But then the cameras became a piece of furniture, though I realized how private of a person I really am.

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“I was 22 when I did the show, so it depicted how I was when I was 22,” says Marter.Adaptability was a trait that she had acquired during her childhood, says her mother, Nancy.“When she was five, her brother had a brain tumor and we were in and out of the hospital a lot.“Funny thing is, in the episodes they made it look like Dustin and I were constantly trying to kill each other, but there was also a span of about a month where we got along just fine!” Of the other roommates, Marter says, “We genuinely cared about each other and liked each other.“I always told my friends that thousands of people are doing this thing and I really didn’t take it seriously,” says Marter.

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