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Application Materials: You will need to upload the following documents with your online application.

These must be received by the application due date.

He went out shopping and picked out a sparkling diamond engagement ring.

Melissa thinks she was chosen to throw out the first pitch because of her inspirational story.

He gave her the baseball and asked “Melissa, will you marry me? The fans in the stands cheered her on and wedding bell music began to play.

Melissa threw the first pitch and Cameron made the catch and presented his fiancée with a bouquet of flowers! A brave young woman who fought for her life has now found love with the man who came to her rescue.

Anytime they disagree, he can casually bring up the fact that they wouldn’t even be having this conversation if it weren’t for him, and Laura has no choice but to concede to the man who bravely saved her life!

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Dolunt said Montgomery apologized but didn’t confess.“It’s too little, too late for me,” he said.The first step is to take the entrance exam, which you must complete before the application deadline.You may begin your online application at any time, before or after your entrance exam.Through DNA matching, police said they connected the 30-year-old Detroit man to two cold cases and, by about a.m. Apparently by coincidence, police said he's the man who attacked the two EMTs at a.m. Tuesday and arraigned Wednesday morning in one of the cold cases; police said charges are pending regarding Tuesday's attack."It has to be one of the strangest incidents I've ever seen, with the cases being connected, in my 10 years in homicide," Detroit police Sgt.Tuesday after they were called to Third and Martin Luther King Jr. Lance Sullivan said at a news conference Wednesday.As she recovered in the hospital over the next few months, that paramedic, Ben Powell, visited every day to check on her, and before long they fell in love.

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