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Compatible Personality Types The personalities that seem most compatible with the ENFJ are the INFP and INTP.

An introverted personality will complement the extraverted ENFJ nicely by allowing the “giver” to exercise his or her ability to an individual’s personality.

”), remind yourself that these questions asked once in a while are acceptable – and even nurturing – but when asked in excess a partner may begin to feel smothered by your concern.

A simple reminder once in a while that your significant other is free to come to you with anything should be sufficient.

Where an ENFJ fails to do this, the partner must take it upon his or her to anticipate these unfulfilled needs and to address any unbalance within the relationship.

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Perceiving individuals, with a flexible and adaptive lifestyle can help to loosen-up the structured lifestyle of the judging personality.This trait will also ensure that the ENFJs partner is open to on-the-fly or last-minute social plans.Relationship Guidance for the ENFJAs an ENFJ, you probably anticipate the opportunity to be useful in a relationship. Make sure that your efforts to find contentment in a long-lasting relationship does not involve utilizing your chameleon ability to mimic the behavior, thoughts, or feelings of others.If you don’t have a partner, then you’re most likely throwing yourself into all sorts of social activities, maybe even secretly hoping that Mr. If you aren’t being your true self then you may find yourself in a relationship where you don’t feel free to be , and your desire to keep your companion happy could prevent you from ending such a relationship.Your total dedication to your mate, present or future, and your penchant for warmth and encouragement will bring out the best in your mate.ENFJs will try to fulfil their role as a partner/spouse/parent to the best of their ability and generally make good parents.

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