Forms of radioactive dating


, C-12/C-14 = 10 Age of Moon rocks: Ar-40 / K-40 = 10.3 measured in moon rocks.Argon, as a gas, would have bubbled out of the lunar rocks at any time that the rocks were heated or melted; thus, Argon only begins to accumulate in the rock after the rock solidifies.That could damage your DNA and, if you're unlucky, the resultant damage could produce cancer. Before we get into the details of radioactive half-lives, let me give you some numbers to chew on.THE EARTH IS WARM (witness volcanoes; the inside of the Earth flows, generating Earthquakes). The heat flow from the whole earth is 3.2 x 10^13 Watts, i.e. (iodine, barium used in medical work, e.g.; plutonium, uranium used for nuclear energy; we can predict exactly the rate at which they will produce energy). If you look at a periodic table of the elements, you find that the atomic number of carbon is 12 but the atomic weight is 12.011.For example, Carbon atoms have 6 protons in the nucleus.

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If the earth were only 6000–10 000 years old, then surely there should be some scientific evidence to confirm that hypothesis; yet the creationists have produced not a shred of it so far.The uranium is locked into rocks but when the uranium becomes radon, the radon, being a gas, bubbles out of the rocks and into your house.If you inhale the radon gas into your lungs, and that radon atom has the bad sense to undergo decay while in your lungs, that alpha particle will collide with your lungs.Return to Astronomy 101 Home Page Return to Announcements Page The universe consists of many elements, all of which are made up of some combination of protons, neutrons and electrons.As you surely remember from chemistry, the number of protons determines the element.Only rarely does a creationist actually find an incorrect radiometric result (Austin 1996; Rugg and Austin 1998) that has not already been revealed and discussed in the scientific literature.

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