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Navy officers and investigators, implied that Hartwig and another sailor, Kendall Truitt, had engaged in a homosexual relationship and that Hartwig had caused the explosion after their relationship had soured.

The victims' families, the media, and members of the U.

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Navy concluded that the evidence did not show that Hartwig was homosexual but that he was suicidal and had caused the explosion with either an electronic or chemical detonator.

According to Ensign Dan Meyer, the officer in charge of the ship's Turret One, morale and operational readiness among the gun-turret crews suffered greatly.s Master Chief Fire Controlman, Stephen Skelley, and Gunnery Officer, Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Michael Costigan, persuaded Moosally to allow them to experiment with increasing the range of the main guns using "supercharged" powder bags and specially designed shells.

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Four bathrooms on premise, with two having showers, if needed.On the other hand, as American-born Mike Levin, the minuscule community's unofficial spokesman, notes, it could also open a can of worms.PAOLI, PA—Worried that people will be staring at him everywhere he went, 45-year-old Harold Brauner was reportedly self-conscious and embarrassed Wednesday by the sudden, unexpected changes his body was going through.Navy expressed regret (but not an apology) to Hartwig's family and closed its investigation.To assist the GAO, Sandia National Laboratories provided a team of scientists to review the Navy's technical investigation.The investigations produced conflicting conclusions. The first investigation into the explosion, conducted by the U.

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