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At a time when such activity was a criminal offence, they knew all the secrets of his lordship's sordid double-life.Boothby met the Krays through another rogue politician and homosexual, Labour's Tom Driberg, a man who relished the company of criminals and rent boys and often had to be pulled out of scrapes by powerful friends.

The Blind Beggar was all but empty when Ron arrived, preceded by a henchman firing warning shots into the ceiling.For his part, Boothby was on dangerous ground, and not just by playing masochistic sex games in the company of the seriously scary Ronnie Kray. As an instantly recognisable public figure, he must have known that his blatant presence in the company of criminals would be noticed.But Boothby was so conceited that he thought no one in authority would dare to do anything about it.He took Boothby to the gambling club the Krays ran in Knightsbridge, where the peer was instantly besotted by a good-looking teenager called Leslie Holt, a croupier there (as well as a cat burglar and male prostitute).Holt was also one of the rapacious Ron's band of boy lovers.Behind the famous bow-tied public figure with his unmistakeable deep voice and a fund of good stories was a drunk, a liar, a reckless gambler and a bisexual.

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