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You need only one treatment, but it takes between one and three months to work.Relax: Before the treatment, Renee carefully marks out in pen the areas on the side of my hips to be treated and applies protective gel.I’ve long since forgotten what I was doing in the ballet outfit, but the awful spectacle of myself encased in Eighties low-leg Lycra is burnt on my brain.As a young teenager I would stand on my head, hoping the fat would ‘sink’. I see a personal trainer twice a week, take care of what I eat and don’t drink alcohol.Dr Prager is always on the look-out for cosmetic treatments that fit easily into the busy lives of his high-flying clients.These have become known as ‘tweakments’.‘A lot of my patients who have had lipo still wouldn’t wear a bikini,’ he says.‘That’s because when you reduce fat you can actually make dimpling and uneven texture worse.He awarded it a ‘grade two’, which, he explained, means I have ‘moderate’ cellulite.

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His lovely therapist, Renee, is wielding the cryolipolysis Cool Sculpting machine, the business end of which resembles a vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments.Dr Prager says some people find cryolipolysis painful and others experience numbness or aching after the procedure — a bit like being bruised.As to which body parts you can have frozen, it’s ‘anywhere you can pinch, apart from the breasts’.During this part of the treatment, a device that delivers radio frequencies is used to heat the collagen below the skin, causing it to tighten and then regenerate.While ‘Fire and Ice’ therapy isn’t surgical, it doesn’t sound that pleasant, either.The suction is uncomfortable rather than painful (a four out of ten), but the freezing bit does hurt — more like a six or a seven.

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