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so last night i get more spam from excite, this time spamming on behalf of postmasterdirect.

if i'm going to be forced to accept advertising anyhow, why the hell should i pay for the service?

it appears as if most of the remaining free internet providers are becoming less and less user-friendly.

this just goes to show you that there is no free ride anymore.

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we hope to keep you as a subscriber to our internet service, and we want to advise you thatcontinued use will indicate your agreement to the following: 1.

– by bbthey might even surpass aol in ads now if that is possible…

though those free isps took me through some no money internet times of course i took off the banners but thats besides the point and now i use a 1.5mb wireless connection its alright for /month – by pyrolinuxas a minor without a credit card, i can't get real internet, so i am forced to play diablo 2 and quake 3 with the netzero banner on top of it, flickering as the two windows fight over who goes on top!

the window class is something like 'nzjavaclient', so get out lcc-win32 and defeat that sucker).

anyhow, just to let you guys know, we don't have cable or dsl here in new york state, for some odd reason everyone upstate has it, though.

:p i'll stick w/the popups..hehebluelight still works pretty good.whenever i set someone up with a pc (quickest way to get rid of deprecated hardware!

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