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Part of the turn-on was down to the fact she was going to give a blowjob. That small part of her was also yelling -- you can't let this turn you on, it's wrong! He was as big as the biggest she'd seen on any pictures on the web. Although quite how she'd fit it in her mouth was going to be another matter. 'It must be 10 inches long & over 1 wide.' '11 long & 1 ½ wide, actually,' he said smugly. The last time I saw this, was when we were still kids & Mum would make us bath together.' Geoff just sat there, grinning, enjoying the attention. ' 'Well, since you asked so nicely, how could I say no? She reached one of her delicate hands to touch the skin. She reached around at the middle section, but her fingers wouldn't reach the whole way. Ok, I hope this is ok with you, but I'm going to kiss it, now.' 'Ok, whatever you say.' She leaned down, still holding his cock firmly with one hand, pulling her shoulder length brown hair back with the other.

That part was becoming insignificant, though, as she got turned on. She looked up into his eyes, as she pulled the elastic down over his cock. ' She'd never seen anything as big before, at least not on cam.

A part of her brain was screaming at her -- what are you doing flirting with your brother? She noticed a wet patch around the spot where the underwear was tented. Her whole jaw ached, as he forced himself deep into her mouth.

As she got closer, she pulled the skin down, until it was tight & she could see his piss-hole. At the same time, she felt him pushing his cock up into her mouth.

Her Mum had been telling her to get out more, so she didn't want to arouse their suspicions anymore than necessary. 'Will we be seeing you performing on here any time, soon, then?

She'd meant to only show her body, but ended up showing them her face several times.

She remembered seeing a bottle of red wine downstairs & decided the sooner she drank it, the sooner she could get this over with.

Give me a minute.' She went back into her room, leaving her door ajar & turned the webcam back on, putting it in private. She left English_Hunk a message to say that the password was 'wanker'.

'If you come into my room, I'll explain.' 'Ok, if you say so.

Geoff was far stronger than her & was in a far better position.

She started to panic, pushing against the bed, but it was useless. Perhaps Geoff would understand if she could do this again in future. Geoff pushed her dressing gown down off her shoulders.

All of a sudden, she felt Geoff's hands on top of her head. Ok, her jaw was stretched, but a part of her wished she could do this far more often.

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