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The channels can be configured a number of ways, and set aside for specific purposes, such as announcements, contests, or music.

Also, Discord is designed to integrate with Twitch, and You Tube, meaning you can sometimes chat with streamers while they’re streaming, or interact with them in their off-hours.

Still, take their advice and disable it at the first sign of trouble.There are a number of options exclusively for streamers, including options for partnered streamers that give privileges to their subscribers and integrating your bot – essential for some streamers – into the text channels.In Discord, you join chat rooms laid out on the left panel in the server.So, we've set out on a mission to bring these antiquated apps into the 21st century.Discord is brand new - and there's so much more to come.Hammer & Chisel, former game developers themselves, have created an app that combines the best of all other Vo IP clients, adds several features of its own, and is completely free. When you open Discord for the first time after creating an account, you must either join a server or create your own in order to talk to people.

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