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The noise hit her like a falling wall as she turned the corner to face fifty-some-odd students, all of whom seemed to be shouting at the top of their lungs.

She just enjoyed the thrills that were coursing through her body as she bounced up the steps and entered a tiny world of controlled chaos.He’d knocked her up while they were both sophomores in college, and she'd agreed to marry him even though she liked several other boys more.She'd wanted to believe they were in love and nothing either of their parents had said against the marriage had sunk in.And her determination had finally led her to find something she was good at.She'd taken an entry level job at a bank and had eventually worked her way up to being the manager of the loan department.Or she might have noticed the frowns of some of the girls as THEY noticed who the boys were looking at with that look in their eyes that made the girls get wary and careful.

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