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' ' Sam drawled.” ― Robyn Schneider, “Learning how not to do things is as hard as learning how to do them. There'd be a sight more frogs in this world if I didn't know how not to turn people into them.And big pink balloons, too.” ― Terry Pratchett, “Activities such as chanting, bowing, and sitting in zazen are not at all wasted, even when done merely formally, for even this superficial encounter with the Dharma will have some wholesome outcome at a later time.Maarten tags: damsel-in-distress, dating, disaster-date, everlasting-love, failure-relationship, fairy-tales, fairy-tales-for-adults, fairytale, fairytale-romance, finding-love, frog-prince, frog-wisdom, frogs, kissing-frogs, kissing-quotes, kissing-spells, knight-in-shining-armor, love-hurts, love-quotes, love-story, love-waits, lovers, mr-right, myths, ogre, relationship-advice, relationship-problems, relationships, romance, soulmate, soulmate-secret, true-love-spell, twin-flames “Darling, you know what they say. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” I give her a lopsided, bittersweet smile.

Sometimes, he’ll even be named “Charming.” Or maybe just Eric.

However, it must be said in the most unambiguous terms that this is not real Zen.

To follow the Dharma involves a complete reorientation of one's life in such a way that one's activities are manifestations of, and are filled with, a deeper meaning.

He stepped from the fountain, dripping from every surface.

“I believe when you kiss the toad,” he said dryly, “he is supposed to turn into a prince. take off they pants, I say, and men look like frogs to me.

If it were not otherwise, and merely sitting in zazen were enough, every frog in the pond would be enlightened, as one Zen master said.

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