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Alison Atlee, The Typewriter Girl (2013), about a down-on-her-luck typist in Victorian London who seizes her opportunity for a job at a seaside resort, offered to her by the builder of the resort's pleasure fair.

Jump to: The British and Irish in the 19th Century Mysteries: 19th Century Britain Novels by and Inspired by Jane Austen Mysteries Inspired by Jane Austen The European Continent and Mediterranean in the 19th Century Mysteries: 19th Century European Continent Nineteenth century Europe featured the English Regency period, which gave rise to the "Regency romance" genre.

Review Andrea Barrett, Voyage of the Narwhal (1998), about an 1855 expedition to the Arctic in search of a lost ship.

Susan Barrett, Fixing Shadows (2005), about a duchess who takes a governess's illegitimate baby when her own baby dies in 1873, in order to secure an inheritance.

Julian Barnes, Arthur and George, nineteenth century author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle uses his insights as a writer of detective stories to help a man wrongly convicted of a crime.

Andrea Barrett, Servants of the Map, a collection of short stories set mostly in the early nineteenth century.

George Mac Donald Fraser's popular Flashman series about a British soldier is set in the British Empire period.

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