Genevieve nnaji dating


Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji is inarguably one of the most eligible spinsters in Nigeria and many have been left wondering why she hasn’t yet taken the big step of marriage.35-year-old Genevieve has spoken out on the reason for her single status and her expectations from marriage.

Now she is 37 years old and has a beautiful daughter.

Also Genevieve denied the rumors about that he brought her into the industry.

Also Genevieve had very close relationships with the handsome Nigerian actor, whose name is Ramsey Nouah.

Now the actress does not want to comment any of her secrets about that years.

The actress was notoriously singe and a mother, in addition.

Her request was initially ignored but when she persisted, we requested that she leave a number she could be reached on.

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