Glenn pakulak dating


Season 1, Episode 2 CC TV-14 HD SD Drew dives head first into the dating world with the help of a matchmaker, while Tara gives it a go with a popular Texas radio host.Courtney picks herself up by the bootstraps and agrees to resolve the awkward first meeting with Neill.Matt and Neill discover their feelings for one another may be deeper than they’re willing to admit.Drew’s ex drops a bomb on him, disrupting Drew’s plans to win him back.Matt arrives at the event with Neill on his arm, but loses his cool when his date disappears.Season 1, Episode 5 CC TV-14 HD SD After their blowout at DIFFA, Drew and Courtney attempt to resolve their differences.At the tasting for Matt’s charity event, things get heated when he offers six-years-sober Drew a cocktail.Then, the whole group attends a concert, where it’s Courtney’s attitude that takes a turn for the worse.

Some are looking for true love while others have perfected the art of the one-night stand, and somehow their love lives have all crossed paths at one time or another.

Season 1, Episode 7 CC TV-14 HD SD After the concert, Matt calls Courtney out on her poor attitude.

Glenn exposes his softer side to his ex-girlfriend before she heads back to the west coast.

Courtney moves into foreign territory with a hottie from South Africa, as Glenn reconnects with a former love interest.

Meanwhile, Tara learns that kids may not be in the future plans of the man she is dating.

Season 1, Episode 6 CC TV-14 HD SD Courtney accepts an awkward double date invite from Matt.

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