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The blonde from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, reveals: “I made a decision that I was sick of struggling for money.I wanted a lifestyle that was glam­orous, where I could eat, buy and wear what I wanted without worrying about whether I could afford to or not.Through these men, we see how deceptive men can be (who believes Terry Mc Millan’s ex-husband didn’t know he was gay? Needless to say, it doesn’t matter if the woman is a CEO with a lush pad in Miami or a single momma with section 8 housing, every woman is at risk falling in love with one a gold digging man. I’m not being elitist, but if you date men who are at least equal to you in income, you will avoid a lot of lonely nights or empty pockets.Here are a few ways to not only avoid dating a gold digger, but also to prevent yourself from falling in love with one. I made the mistake of dating a man whose income was very inconsistent.Then there are the luxury all-expenses-paid holidays on board private yachts.Armed with skills such as how to attract wealth by the way you dress, where to socialise and how to interact with the rich, Jem feels Lily will graduate from her “gold-digger training” with flying colours.Dating millionaires was the obvious solution.” Jem’s lifestyle is not just about clothes.

The emails work here, and no matter the reasons/excuses given for others not to have a profile, it's usually BS. then you'll have some arsenal behind you for the messages you receive... we were all 'new' here once - I'm just old, cynical and jaded now...) anyway... I had similar 'word for word' except genders reversed.... 1 of those women I contacted first and we have had 2 dates is really cool so I haven't written back to the others yet. I have learned to not even pay mind to the 'meet me' feature...Anyone can have a profile here, and keep it hidden so the job "reason"(excuse) is horse ca ca. I also have 21 "wants to meet you" messages but I haven't tryed to answer those yet. you can't access 'those messages' without being upgraded member...(my miserly mother motto about that money making scheme is - "a lonely fool and their money are easily parted")Aaah a week and two dates??? Thanks Jessi,yea I figured the "Meet Me" feature was similar the "Likes You" feature on the website I was one before I joined POF. Actually the "Meet Me" is a little better than the other website because in the email from POF they tell you the name of members who "want to meet you" so you could look them up if you want too.If you’d like to know Her, pls send her a line to (********) She can share more about herself with you and share pictures. Your profile says you want a relationship, does she sound like stable relationship material?I guess from your "LMAO", you don't believe so :) But, hey, everyone tells me i'm too cautious. Seems like a pretty good website, I am a refugee for another website that I left because they just stopped allowing direct messaging.They’re smooth and calculating and know what to say to get a woman to drop their inhibitions.

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