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However, when it comes to throwing fond feelings your way, this tongue-tied cutie is much more action than words.But if you want him to shower you with the affection he's capable of, you'll have to stroke his ego as often as he strokes himself.So keep him on his toes by taking him on a surprise weekend trip or introducing him to exotic cuisine.

"A sneerlike grin is an indication that he's not being sincere with you," points out body language expert Patti Wood.Even cooler: Our brains respond to hand gestures with heightened alertness (we have a special region that processes only hand shapes), so you'll actually feel the love.A midriff massager craves the spotlight and needs steady verbal reminders of what an absolute catch you think he is."It's a split-face gesture: Each side of his face is telling a different story."When a man sees someone he's into, he'll automatically lift and lower his eyebrows, wrinkling his forehead in the process.But you'll have to keep your eyes peeled to catch a glimpse of this telltale signal.Strolling down the street together, arm in arm, signals a harmony between you.

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