Gretel killeen dating big brother


The Branson family has had a long love affair with Australia.

Branson, his wife, Joan, 21-year-old fashion model son, Sam, and Holly spent most of January aboard the family superyacht, the Lady Barbaretta, as it bobbed on Sydney Harbour.

"I'm really proud of what we've achieved but I now have the 'seven-year itch' and am busting to get on with a million new things, including my first feature film, which we're shooting in the new year," she said.The house, completely rebuilt since last season, is encased within a huge tin shed that also houses the hundreds of cameras and crew crawling all over the studio complex at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.Workers have installed an array of solar panels on the roof, while there also appear to be six huge rainwater tanks dotted around the perimeter of the property, presumably to collect water for use in the house. She is known for being the host of Big Brother Australia from its inception in 2001 until the 2007 season (including Celebrity Big Brother in 2002). From 1989 to 1991, Killeen was a regular on Midday with Ray Martin on the Nine Network.She wrote and featured in the sketch A Town Like Dallas, a parody of the genre of soap opera.Holly Branson is heiress to what Virgin Blue says is a billion fortune, but on Bondi Beach she is just another pretty twentysomething blonde British tourist "havin' a laff" with her friends and trying to get a tan.

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