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Eventually, he worked at a part-time job for a while repairing computers, but that job ended when the business shut down.

Lanza attended Western Connecticut State University for less than a year after his mom withdrew him from Newtown High School when he still only 16.

When you cram the bodies of the fittest people in the world into one small living space, things are bound to heat up.

Which is why organizers are handing out a record number of condoms - predicted to reach a whopping total of 110,000 prophylactics - at this month's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

To make the case that the Sandy Hook child victims are still alive, If, say, Olivia Engel is alive and well and living in Hartford, Connecticut, then it means we were lied to.

We then have every reason to believe the other 19 child victims also did not die at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

When asked his gender on a student background information form, Lanza wrote 'I choose not to answer.' Students and teacher who remember him from his WCSU days recall that he was very quiet and struggled to mix with the other students although that was largely attributed at the time to him being younger than them.

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