How the dating rules have changed

It isn’t uncommon that women and men will complete their education, climb the corporate ladder and obtain property before getting on with the happily-ever-after.The good news is that you generally know yourself better as you age, understanding your goals and defining your priorities. Your dating code of behavior has evolved from the rules and traditions of yesteryear to a more liberated movement.Whether she was wooed at the malt shop or at a sit-in, dating conventions have changed since she was your age.(Then again, Mom didn’t have the luxury of screening her calls).

Technology advancements have certainly made your life easier, but it has also changed the way you communicate.

Technology is so ubiquitous in present-day life that some now elect to text or e-mail, rather than talk or meet.

When communicating electronically, your intentions can be lost in translation given that the person isn’t right in front of you.

Thousands of years ago, going to a small box full of wires and buttons and finding a husband or wife would have seemed ludicrous.

However, it’s 2017, and this is the way that it is.

But have these advancements in our society advanced dating, or changed the dating rules forever? Let’s be honest here, have you ever been set up by a friend and the first thing they do while talking about his qualities is pull up his Facebook/Instagram. It only takes a few clicks to get to know so much about a person you have never met before.

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