I kissed dating goodby

I blushed when people saluted me as I arrived in my date hotel room.

I was glad that people thought of me as real army officer.

He continued fondling my bosom for some minutes till he sealed my lips with a kiss.

He lay me down gently on the bed, came on top of me and kept on kissing me.

When he did this, I started feeling wet between my legs.

I loved it when his hands fondled my bosom, ran over my navel and his firm fingers touched my lips. From lips, he poured down soft kisses all over my neck and finally his lips ended on any man favorite parts i.e. He sucked my nipples for a while till he move down on my navel and rolled his tongue all over it.Moving back to my encounter, I arrived in his hotel suite sharp at pm.My client was in early fifties, well build and quite a gentleman. There was something mix in the drink as I felt dizzy after having it. The general lifted me to the bed where he unbuttoned my shirt, removed my pants to made me appear in lingerie.He moved his lips all over my neck till he came on my bosom and fastened his lips on it for a while.I started feeling wet between my thighs when he sucked my soft nipples.It was first time such a high profile person was making a personal visit and I was pretty much excited to meet him. When he was comfortable enough, I invited him to my bedroom where he requested me to perform a hot striptease.

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