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The bottom line is Century Link has an ongoing and planned practice of adding costs and fees with the expectation that they will increase revenues by tricking customers and by their not being willing to go through the extensive process to correct the overbillings.

The people (like me) who are forced to rely on a single service like Century Link are being taken advantage of.

My phone number is 720-878-XXXX my email is [email protected] Reply Here’s my complaint to the NC Attorney General: Due to my location, I have been a customer of Century Link for 30 years.

Since the company changed its name to Century Link I have noticed several irregularities in its billing process.

In 1978, the company went public and began to trade on the NYSE under symbol CTL.

In 1981, the company acquired War Telephone from WV. The Century Link corporate office is located in Monroe, LA.

Then I had to explain my issues with the person then they transferred me to another person that was supposed to be the correct person to handle the problem. He told me that he couldn’t resolve it and put a “ticket” order in to have it fixed by the next day. I then called back went through the entire process again with no record of the work order ticket previously given. He doesn’t respond to texts, calls or pictures of how one of their contractors who came out to bury a cable that has been above ground for two months despite their repeated comments that someone should have come out, and “we will have someone come out” and on and on and on, then when they do send someone out, the contracted company tears up my lawn with a tank on Sherman Tank rotating metal treads. ( I had it disconnected due to the fact that I was not going to pay a higher rate) Pryor to this RATE HIKE I was informed by one of your agents that my bill would not change as long as I did NOT change my services. The next month (January of 2018) it went to over double, as did the next month February 2018 .

They in turn stated that they were not the person to handle it after explaining everything again. Five days later I speak to another person that ran a test and stated that it wasn’t this departments area to fix and that I would receive a call that same day from the correct department. Seven days later I call in and go through the entire process again, with no record of my work order, and get a supervisor on the phone, she can’t fix the issue either. Now they have no idea how long it will take and they will call me back!!! Then the head guy who is standing in front of the deep tread marks on my lawn argues with me that they are just trying to do their jobs. My homeowners association is up my rear end over the holes in my lawn and track marks. I do pay my bills and have never been late on a payment until I disputed the bill in December of 2017.

I need you to check my order to make sure it is correct because I could not tell for sure from her comments y account number is 303 980-XXXX.This was for a modem that I had retirned by UPS, tracking #12x738x79015640009, that was received by them on 1/29/18.Their acceptance was confirmed by them 1/30/18 and did not reflect on my February or March bill.War Telephone was sold 2 years later due to financial issues. In 1992, Central Telephone Company of Ohio was added to the company. Tagged as: Centur Link Corporate Office address, centurylink corporate email address, centurylink corporate headquarters, centurylink corporate office, centurylink corporate office phone number, Century Link Customer Complaint Desk, Century Link Customer Complaints, centurylink headquarters, centurylink main office I just had the worst phone contact with your agent.First, she had an accent that I had great difficulty understanding.Today (3/30/18) I received an email update concerning my April bill.

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