Im dating your dad


Do they both have similar hobbies or root for the same sports team?Maybe they both enter the chili cook-off at the county fair every year?More often than not, the dads simply want the best for their daughters; the tough guy act might serve to test the new beau's mettle.

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feeding each other during a picnic in Central Park... Samberg ] Jonah Hill: I don't know how else to say it. I feel like I've never felt with anybody else in my entire life. I mean, when we're together, we laugh and we laugh and we laugh and we laugh, and we laugh some more.

My dad doesn't seem to like my new boyfriend, and this really concerns my boyfriend.

How do I get my dad to see that my boyfriend is good enough for me?

I already know that he is good enough and we are happy.

Just having this one more thing would make things great.

[ smiles ] Ben's got me trying all sorts of crazy things!

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