Indesign problems updating artwork

You also can switch to Imperial or Metric units by toggling the System units (View » Toggle Units).It is generally easier to edit the look of an object graphically in the workspace. When an object is selected, you can move the object or edit its graphical characteristics.The PCB workspace can also contain a large number of design objects that make up the board.During the course of the design process, the placement and properties of these objects need to change as you work to balance out the various design requirements.That point of the object will then become attached to the cursor.Move the mouse to a new location and release to resize.

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The Schematic Editor has a distance tool located in the Reports menu (Reports » Measure Distance as well as the Ctrl M shortcut keys).Text can be copied from the Windows clipboard into a schematic text frame.You can also directly copy/paste a table-type selection from another application such as Microsoft Excel or from any grid style control within Altium Designer.Grids are document options, meaning that they are saved with the individual design, and therefore, grid settings may differ between one design document and the next.Set the grids initially in the General region of the Document Options mode of the Properties panel.The electrical grid should be set slightly lower than the current snap grid or else it becomes difficult to position electrical objects one snap grid apart. For example, a large 90 degree cross that extends to the edges of the design window (Large Cursor 90 option) can be useful when placing and aligning design objects.

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