Intimidating definition for kids


Asher modeled TPR on this simple, natural interaction. Before doing any drills on pronunciation and grammar, you can first use TPR activities to ascertain that the class has indeed understood the message that’s being communicated.

(And this is very easily done by observing what actions are being performed in response to your prompts.)Now that you’re all caught up on this teaching technique and you’re excited to use it, here are some class activities that employ TPR.

Looking at a huge list of vocabulary words is intimidating.

Weird Vocabulary is a TPR teaching technique where you use exaggerated or funny movements in order to make a word more memorable.

First, you create a link between a word and a very specific movement.

TPR is a second language teaching approach developed by Professor James Asher of San Jose State University in California.

The principles behind this teaching approach are simple yet effective, especially when it comes to teaching languages to children.

The method is based on the coupling of language and physical movement.

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