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Once you've found an individual of interest in the index, click on the transcription image (looks like a document) to view additional info, as well as a link to the digital image on the National Library of Ireland website.

To find these records, you will need to cross-reference your family's parish with their Civil Registration District.

Yet, despite the numbers, past a certain age it does become difficult to meet new singles, especially if you are part of a mostly-married group of friends.

Consequentially, more older people than ever before are turning to advanced matchmaking websites such as Elite Singles to find a relationship with genuine compatibility.

As put by Claudia Dale, a 77 year old widow who is enjoying the thrills of online older dating, “dating is no longer the domain of the young.

We who are young at heart, but not in years, want another go at it.” Of course it's one thing to know that online dating is a valuable tool - but actually using it is quite another!

Lisa says ''now that online dating is so accepted, it is the standard way to really meet people.

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