Islamic polygamous dating site

Specifically, the site explicitly stated “mitras” who rejected the proposals of “clients” would run the risk of their “value” diminishing, as well as the potential for their accounts to be blocked by site administrators.

SEE ALSO: Indonesia push to teach gender equality in schools amid rising violence against women Unsurprisingly, the site’s creator Aris Wahyudi was arrested under Indonesia’s Pornography Law and the Electronic Information and Transactions Law, and the site was blocked in Indonesia within several days of the launch (is still accessible from the US).

Dwi Rubiyanti Khalifah, Indonesian representative of human rights organisation Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN), said she viewed as a “criminal” enterprise but opined “nikah siri” is a “small phenomenon” compared to the significant improvements in women’s rights in Indonesia, particularly in health, education and legal reform.

SEE ALSO: Facebook suspends user for posting historical photos of topless Indonesian women In contrast, Dr Rachel Rinaldo, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Colorado Boulder, told “While I see the apps and websites as being more like ‘publicity stunts’, I do think they represent a certain worldview that sees women as being tradeable commodities, not fully human, and that is obsessed with male control of women’s bodies and sexuality.” This view of the threat to women’s rights by patriarchal elements was shared Dina, who said “and Ayo Poligami are reflective of a wider pattern of entrenched discrimination against women (in Indonesia), just like the ‘virginity tests’ and the introduction of the array of religiously inspired local regulations which specify certain expectations about …

At the same time, studies by researchers Riatu Qibthiyyah and Ariane J.

While academics and activists interviewed by unequivocally condemned, opinion was divided on what the site reflected about gender equality and women’s rights in Indonesia more broadly.

This contradiction paints a picture in which social and religious conservatives are competing with progressive elements within Indonesian society.

It could be argued that the popularity of, and the backlash against, and Ayo Poligami are some of the visible manifestations of these deeper ongoing tensions.

The responsibility lies instead with all Indonesian leaders – women and men, secular and religious – in ensuring that the antiquated ideas about women, which give birth to sites like, are pushed to the fringes of Indonesian society, if not completely discredited.

The Bible is an incredibly candid book when compared to the religious writings of other traditions.

Rather than covering up the faults and flaws of its key figures, the Bible frequently shows us humanity in its deepest sin.

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