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The band's name was chosen randomly as they approached their first gig.

was recorded live on a single Calrec Soundfield microphone at the in downtown Toronto by producer .

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Being able to read the rhythm notation along with the tabs makes all the difference for me.

They don't have enough classic tunes from lesser known bands, but they do have most of the big radio hits. The third studio album from this award-winning Scottish traditional group comes a mere two years down the line from their well-received second, Fortune's Road, and as you might by now expect brings another sparkling, well-chosen and admirably even-handed collection of songs and tunes (six of each).

The band was formed by three siblings from the Timmins entertainment family. The Timmins siblings are descendants of , a mining prospector who founded the city of .

Following the dissolution of Michael Timmins and Alan Anton's earlier band Hunger Project, Cowboy Junkies formed in in 1985.

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