Jaymee ong dating dating advice for 13 year

Candyce Toh and Ang Junyang The pair first met on local reality singing competition, "Project Superstar" as contestants and rivals.

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When filming for "Late Autumn" wrapped, the two remained close friends until October of 2013 when Tang Wei visited Korea for a commercial shoot.

They started dating soon after but the socialite's father objected to the relationship because Vaness was in the entertainment industry.

Even though the couple went through a breakup, they kept in contact.

While the lovebirds have spent plenty of time together in the past, they became a long distance couple when Qi Yuwu moved to Beijing to further his acting career.

The two actors have co-starred many times before, even tying the knot in one local drama.

One case in point would be when Rainie promoted Ronghao's new song via her official Facebook page.

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