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The abbreviations refer to the following publications: – Kingdom Ministry (km) – Watchtower (w) – Jehovahs Witnesses – Proclaimers of Gods Kingdom (1993) (jv) – Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock (ks91-E) – Organised to Accomplish Our Ministry (om) – Insight on the Scriptures, Volume 1 or 2 (it-1 or 2) Rather than restricted to the usual definition of sexual perversion, the Watchtower defines “loose conduct” as including “disrespect to elders”.

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Her own father is not allowed to be speaking "spiritual matters" with her until she is reinstated.

If you have any materials for that or can offer some advice, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Response: We regret that your girlfriend has chosen a path that will lead her right back under the same "cult" authority that she was under previously in her life.

Truth never fails us and speaking the truth is what is required of all of us if we are going to serve God properly.

So, why don't we get right into the "meat" of your situation and get the truth out up-front so that you will know what is coming next!

What I am about to write to you might hurt a little, but I have dealt with hundreds of these cases and most, if not all, of them turn out the same way.

“Manslaughter: p.59 Murder or loss of life through carelessness or violating a traffic law Attempted Suicide Por.neia: p.59 immoral use of the genitals with lewd intent.

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