Jo delarosa dating


Her active social life had to suffer because of Slade’s wish to commit and settle down once more.

During the second season of the show, de la Rosa decided to move out of Coto and ended her romantic relationship with Slade Smiley.

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Well, if I can be completely honest, this wasn't a project I wanted to do at first.Do you think being on the show helped you achieve that? I might still try it because I don't think your race should define you or your culture should define what you can or cannot do…I think you should be proud of where you came from. I definitely think that being on the show was the launching pad. I would say, it's going to be the best time of your life and soak up every minute of it, but at the same time don't lose sight of who you were and the things you wanted before you entered that relationship, because that's where resentment comes in. People got that I was this cutesy girl, who like supposedly liked diamonds and all of that stuff..just for the record, I'm not really even into diamonds! I feel like the image that got portrayed on the show was that I was this very materialistic girl that was all about diamonds. Do you think you might do a country album at some point? You just finished realizing one of your dreams, recording an album. Yeah, I wanted to, but someone along the way said that Nashville wouldn't embrace a Latin girl doing country. While she and Smiley have gone their separate ways concerning their careers, Bravo TV brought them back together for a spin-off reality series.

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