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And then he says, that because of the secrecy, he is to be killed anyway, if he decided not to join. Then and there he becomes a rookie, and is given missions to complete.

Lucky for Jake, he never caught a bullet, but he nearly died in a roadside bombing.

Jake is the right-hand man of the Triad head and performes tasks for him and makes sure his word is the law for the other members of the organization.

Global empire building begins and Jake needs to travel the globe, take care of business and enjoy what little spare time he has.

As "coordinator" your job is to apply people to trouble spots, and to take care of competition. Your pay is at first a 5% commision, level 2: 10%, level 3: 20%.

As "manager" you decide where you operate, hire and fire coordinators, and decide the rates.

Then after 10 years the triad head dies of old age, and Jake is promoted to triad head.

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