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Sometimes singles can feel isolated, like they’re struggling alone — but, in reality, there are so many people facing the same issues and battling the same fears.

To show singles that we’re all in this together, Devon hosts group coaching programs for a minimum of 10 people at a time.

“So, you see, there was a consistent theme throughout my life,” he said.

“In hindsight, I feel like my entire life was engineered to bring me into this space of understanding and supporting singles.” Today, Devon leads the single revolution as a professional coach, motivational speaker, and corporate consultant.

“We’re backward on how we view the emotions of men and women, so the emotional scale dives into more of a primal and human side of being masculine and feminine.” In 10 sessions, conducted in person or by phone, Devon helps singles make significant changes in how they view dating, emotions, and fulfillment.

He guides clients to embrace their fears and own their strengths.

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His videos and blog posts offer a do-it-yourself online education full of direct advice to improve your dating prowess with direct advice.

Devon is a revolutionary voice in the dating world, advocating on behalf of the over 2.2 billion singles in the world.

His ultimate goal is to build a supportive singles community where unattached people can develop personal satisfaction regardless of their relationship statuses.

"I have a lot of confidence in the investigator that's on case right now," said Kearns."Now that they are filing some kind of charges, I'm hopeful that it gives me a little bit more peace that there will be justice for my best friend," said Marie Roche, the victim's best friend.

Marie Roche, Katie's best friend, met Boshears for the first time on Sunday night at Woody's. What kind of cruel monster are you, what sick twisted mind do you have that you could have done to someone so sweet and so innocent," said Roche.

Currently, Devon’s personal dating coaching focuses on empowering single professionals, mostly female, who are between the ages of 28 and 38.

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