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If church architecture and stained glass tickle your fancy, Pastor Vogts' article is for you. Swimmer Kyle Verage talks discipline, grace, and faith.

Everyone who's someone in your class shops at H & M, and the popular kids say you have to get your jeans at Abercrombie. There are many benefits to learning Latin you may not realize. Daily prayer, personal devotion, and church attendance are hard work too. Have you stopped to wonder why we sing the Alleluia when we do in church? Pastor Roemke lays out the Divine Service in a few easy steps so that you can understand exactly what's going on on Sunday morning.

Nowadays adoption is often in the spotlight because one celebrity or another has decided to adopt a child. Sheep are not known for being the smartest animals in the world, but they have a special place in God's Word.

Our Shepherd, Jesus, who cares for us, uses them many times in His parables and illustrations. Wilken expounds on one such instance, and in doing so, will make you revel in your sheephood.

Find out more about this influential pastor as told by Rev. Why is “religion“ a bad word in our postmodern culture?

Kieselowsky and let his life serve as an encouragement to you. Be prepared to get a book’s worth of helpful insight in this article via Rev.

Whether you're in college or not, at some point your faith in Christ will be challenged. If you find yourself constantly trying to see if you measure up, then Scott's words will gently remind you where your value lies and how that can bring you peace.

Scripture calls us to be able to give a reason for the home that we have, so where do we start? Pacey gets the ball rolling for you as he provides some basics. These words in the Lord's Prayer are not some sort of complacent surrender..are a battle cry, but also a source of great comfort. Cwirla sweeps away some of our misconceptions about these four words we often tack onto the end of our prayers. Borghardt for any length of time, you'll know what "that" is.

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You tear open the paper with enthusiasm and look at it, stunned...it's God's Law? Paul calls a ministry of death, is a gift from God?Read this first timer's enthusiastic review and judge for yourself. This is the inaugural article of our new regular feature dedicated to helping and encouraging youth leaders.A bit of a skeptic at first, Caitlyn discovered that the Twelve conference in Irvine, California was a Christ-centered benchmark in her life as she prepared to start college. Cwirla handily deals with the most commonly asked questions by Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike about the Small Catechism's origin, purpose and encouraging role in your life. Sandra makes the case that Lutheran youth crave the richness and depth that the traditional liturgy offers, as opposed to the latest, greatest cultural offerings. Cwirla expands on the occasionally used analogy of a dance to explain the role of husbands and wives in light of the Table of Duties, making it crystal clear how this union is a reflects that of Christ and His bride, the Church, and how that plays out in everyday lives. Borghardt reminds us that "Dare to be Lutheran" is more than a motto-it's a phrase that points us back to the Solas of the Reformation: faith alone, grace alone, Scripture alone and it declares boldly: It's all about Jesus!“Yom Kippur” shows up on calendars every year, but what is it? Messer once again shows us how the rich ceremonial laws of the feast pointed forward to Christ. Hence the need for this 6th Petition of the Lord’s Prayer.Discover how even the smallest details of this feast find their fulfillment in the Cross. If sin weren’t such a delectable choice, we wouldn’t so readily gravitate toward it. Cwirla artfully reminds us that our arsenal to fight such temptation is overflowing: It is Christ and Him crucified, who perfectly resisted temptation on our behalf! Fritsche gives you a window into his own rewarding experiences with adoption and shows how precious your adoption in Christ truly is.And if necessary, we will champion your case all the way to trial.

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