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Their self-designation is Nyah Kur, which in the Nyah Kur language means "mountain folk" and in modern Mon translates to "hill plantation people".

The Nyah Kur language, as a direct descendant of Old Mon, is a sister language to the Mon language of Burma, the two of which constitute the only languages of the Monic branch of the Austroasiatic language family.

Nyah Kur no longer has its own script and when written, employs the Thai alphabet is used.

In 1984, a Nyah Kur-Thai-English dictionary was published.

He began dating London Goheen, who's frequently featured on his Instagram.

He featured Lele Pons in one of his most popular videos on his You Tube page, a jellybean challenge video that has earned over 2 million views.

, Chao Bon) are an ethnic group native to Thailand in Southeast Asia.Today, the Nyah Kur live in small villages distributed in a north-south strip that crosses Phetchabun, Nakhon Ratchasima and Chaiyaphum provinces, the majority living in Chaiyaphum.The Thai refer to them as ชาวบน meaning "upper people" or "sky people".Kuy Kuy is a massage parlour for men in Cibubur, between Jakarta and Bogor.Recently opened in September 2016, it offers traditional massages with "extra" finishings such as handjobs (starting Rp80,000) or blowjobs (Rp200,000).Spurs fans loves him, his family certainly adore him too and his lady Kishele Shipley feels incredible proud of him.

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