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The largest of all is the whale shark (forty feet long) whereas the smallest is the Water is literally the soul of the Earth.Every drop you see, every drop you feel, and every drop you taste is the pure essence of our planet.

Oh yes, quite a few researchers had to hide New research has come out of the UK stating that a sea species of tiny hairs going back as many as five hundred million years is capable to repair damaged muscles.

Chat room she, hoping her username would let suitors know she's African-American; he, assuming he'd found a fellow admirer of a favorite childhood film.

Now married more than 10 years and raising four children in Southern California, Christelyn and Michael Karazin, who is white, don't turn heads as much as they might have a few short decades ago.

Not all creatures or plants have a guaranteed way to defend themselves against others who want to harm them.

Nature has given many species a built-in safeguard from their predators, and some have no protection at all.

Although this may not be anything new – for fifteen minutes, the spaceshuttle fired the main engine in order to enter Mercury’s orbit.

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