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All first-year law students must watch these brief videos.

These workshops include detailed instructions for how to draft your legal resume and cover letter.

You and your spouse do not have to separate first in order to divorce in West Virginia.

If you're both sure that your marriage is over, you can simply file for divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences.

If you already have a separation agreement in place, it can control issues during this time.

You and your spouse must reside in two separate households.

This is "voluntary separation" and it establishes grounds for divorce in West Virginia.

West Virginia is fairly accommodating if you're looking for a legal way to separate from your spouse.

The state's legislature provides three means of doing so.

If you have second thoughts and move back in together, even for a brief period, your separation must start all over again.

You would not be eligible for divorce until a year has passed from the time you separated again, after the attempted reconciliation.

Some states allow for separation by judicial process and others do not.

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