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The problem is, whenever I finish 'restoring' the image and shutdown, the Mac stalls when I click on the 'update boot cache' prompt when I click OK.

What is happening here, and how do I get around the machine wanting to update the boot cache?

Thinking that the problems I had were probably related, I did a search to see if clearing the font caches might work.

I have an external firewire HDD, which use to store system images on by using the restore facility in Disk Utility.

Some sample reports from a rapidly growing Apple Discussions thread: "Installing on a PB 1.67. So far so good - the install has now proceeded way beyond where it was and tells me I have 15 mins left (the estimates that the install for time to complete are way out btw)." Boot in Safe mode Try starting in Safe mode (hold the "Shift" key while you startup), then delete some cache and .plist files to make sure their corruption isn't at fault.

Traditional OS X users may be familiar with some of the more advanced installation options beyond the usual “Upgrade Mac OS X.” Options such as “Erase and Install” and “Archive and Install” have been changed for Snow Leopard.

It seems that one of your Macs might not have completed the installation of the Leopard Graphics Update 1.0, or if it did, its possible that you just need to trash its installer once you've completed it.

The "update boot cache" prompt is the last step in the installation of the update.

You may need to restart after moving them to the trash.

Next, go to the Accounts pane of System Preferences and click the "Login Items" tab.

However, the facts that literally every report we've received of this problem so far implicates "Upgrade Install," and many users report that going back and performing an Archive and Install or Erase and Install instead solves the issue are telling. Take this Apple Discussions poster: "I had the 10.5 install hang midway thru the 'Installing' screen on my trust old mac mini.

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