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Goat Simulator (pictured) is a third-person game in which players take control of a goat.They can roam the game's virtual world, run, jump, and headbutt objects and people.It is a first-person game that lets players 'do bear things', including exploring, eating fish and plants and sleeping.

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Also you can add to your scene any monster, elf, alien, anyone. Find out more about this sex game, click on the pic.

Here, you are not just the viewer; you are also the actor and the director of the wildest sex scenes your imagination can come up with. Don’t forget to extend your virtual sex experience with a selection of accessories which make the 3D sex-simulation far more realistic. Are you bored with traditional emotionless porn movies? You will even be able to create a girl you like in the real life, your neighbor, mate or even a celebrity you adore. You are enables to control your 3D cock moving it to and fro, slower or faster, watching as the virtual girl responds to your moves and actions.

Don’t worry about the props needed to make your perfect sex film; you can share content with other users of our online community, with over 100,000 objects to choose from! All the moves are executed in the ultimate realistic manner!

But this is not far the end of the sex pleasures the game offers as you can order plug-n-plunge sex toys, Vagina Flashlight and Dildo and get a real fucking delight by connection of these devices and gears via USB port to your computer!

This 3D game will help you to realize the hottest sex dreams which are unfortunately unreal or impossible to realize in usual life.

They can also lick items which stick to the goat's tongue and can be thrown.

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