Liveupdate not updating client defs


Fix ID: 3977949 Symptoms: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager fails to update 64-bit virus definitions.

Solution: Updated to delete any existing 0 byte or delta file, to prevent the blocking of AV definition updates.

Solution: If a package already exists, the import skips it.

This package then displays on the package list in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager user interface.

Solution: For fingerprint lists collected through clients, the description does not change through automatic update in the console.

File fingerprint list can be automatically updated through FTP, instead of importing manually.

Solution: Fixed discrepancies in the relative paths, which are needed for the exception.

Fix ID: 3978562 Symptoms: After you upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager version to 12.1.6 MP5, a rule with many wildcard paths added to the Application and Device Control policy may cause the memory to become over-utilized.

This scenario leads to errors in scm-server-0and high CPU usage.

The Update time stamp is now updated if the list is modified manually or through the auto update feature.

Fix ID: 3981481 Symptoms: When you install Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager while logged on as a Domain Administrator account, the installation fails during GPOPolicy Review.

Fix ID: 3977290 Symptoms: A Bug Check D1 crash occurs when a call to Handle Sync Recv() traverses the net buffer list (NBL). Solution: Fixed the code flow to parse actual NBL count to prevent the crash.

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